The Most Interesting “Best-of” Lists For 2010

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Top 10 lists are always fun to look at but as of late, I have found most of the lists online somewhat repetitive and/or boring. I’m really proud Sound On Sight’s “Best Movies of 2010” list even if I don’t agree with all 30 choices. However there are a few more lists on the internet which I think deserve a look. Here are what I think make the most interesting lists that I have discovered online (of course only relating to film).

1- Film School Rejects – Best Foreign Films

We were supposed to release our own list of best Foreign Films but considering a fair amount of the movies on our “best of the year” list are already foreign language films, it seemed useless.  So we recommend you check out the list from Film School Rejects. Every one of these films that didn’t appear on our list were all special mentions by our crew.

2- Slant Magazine – 25 Best Films of 2010

Slant is still by far my favorite film site online. I can’t argue with their number one film, since it appeared on our top ten list last year and again this year.

3- James Mudge from Beyond Hollywood

James Mudge has the most original list of everyone online. If you love genre films, you want to check this out. I still regret not seeing I Saw The Devil. I had tickets to the screening at TIFF but I was sick, so I missed it.

4- Cinematical’s Top 11 Films of 2010

A great list minus the addition of Enter The Void. I am glad they also showed Rabbit Hole some love.

5- Sight and Sound Best of 2010

What can I say. It’s Sight and Sound. You have to check it out.

6- John Waters’s Top 10 of 2010

Remember how I said James Mudge had the most original list online? I take that back. Check out John Waters’s favorite films.

7- Film Comment’s 50 Best Films of 2010

What is interesting about Film Comment is that they split the list in two: one of film released theatrically and one for films not yet afforded distribution.

8- Roget Ebert’s Best of 2010

It’s Roger Ebert. You have to see what he chooses. He’s Ebert after all.

9- Armond White’s best of 2010

He is the most controversial film critic out there and I love him for it. Check out his number one.

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