The Soundtrack to ‘Les Amours Imaginaires’ Might be the Best of 2010

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The second outing for directer Xavier Dolan has proved to not only dispel the neurotic and vapid curse of the sophomore jinx, but has once again melded all aspects plot, character, music and wit into a divine and humourous journey through the escapades and absurdities of naive love. The complexities of emotion, sex and self are not overlooked in this stunning portrayal and with all his triumphs, Dolan has not forgotten to include himself in the ever present character of music.
The films soundtrack is a delicate mix of the urgency and fever of overwhelming lust with sexy and youthful sound of the Knife ‘Pass this on’ and Fever Ray ‘Keep the Streets Empty for Me’ and the deflating heartache of lovelorn with Bach ‘Suite No.1’ and ‘Suite No.3’ and Wagner ‘Parsifal: Prelude to act 1’.
The hip downtown scene of Quebec cities is encapsulated with these dance-electronic hits. Youthful energy and the sweaty resilience of desperate and smitten lovers emanates as the Knife’s “Pass this on’ uninhibitedly croons ‘I’m in love with your brother’ to thick reverberations. A nod to best-selling French new wave band Indochine deepens the pulsating trend of electronic dance music and the erotic routine of scouting potential loves.

Although Bach and Wagner’s pieces seem to comprise a romantic and uplifting sense, I would argue it is the looming despair and sadness that brings a sense of reality about unrequited love to the movie. And perhaps an idea of a lasting love but one that is left to yearn and pine for, not revel and enjoy. It is this sense of emotion that brings depth to Dolan’s films; he is able to write comically and add light to very human emotions, but he is still seemingly aware of their ultimate and devastating impact.

The inclusion of Dalida’s cover of ‘Bang Bang’—ever present in the trailer—seems to encompass a few themes within the film. There is a cheesiness quality to the song (maybe from incessant covers and use), sassiness and an element of regret and finality. This French addition is good separately and in the film, it complements the cheekiness that Dolan seems to play with.
Undoubtedly, the soundtrack is a side note to waves of positive reviews surfacing about this film, it’s ingenuity and brilliance. This soundtrack is merely the icing of another story of lust and heartbreak atop the plentiful bounds of copious emotions.
– Kaitlin McNabb

Track Listing
Dalida- Bang Bang
House of Pain- Jump Around
The Knife- Pass this on
Sting- Every Breath You Take
Fever Ray- Keep the Streets Empty for Me
Indochine- 3ème Sexe
Comet Gain- Love Without Lies
Bach- Suite No.1
Bach- Suite No.3
Wagner- Parsifal: Prelude to act 1

  1. Catalina says

    Thank you very much, you have the truth! How high one can get with these amazing soundtrack! INDOCHINE – 3EME SEXE is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!! Love and lots of passion for all

  2. Anonymous says

    hey! Which is the song playing on the last party (last scene)…???

  3. merve says

    The soundtracks of ‘Les Amours Imaginaires’ is so cool, my favourite is ‘bang bang’. I searched a lot and found a link to download:

  4. Marlonski says

    will the soundtrack be released in germany or somewhere else??

  5. medellin says

    does anyone know the opening song? (5:43)

  6. Carl Gardner says

    You forgot Renée Martel’s “Viens Changer Ma Vie”:

  7. Lucas Hossoe

    E falando em Dolan e Knife, aqui vai um artigo sobre a excelente trilha sonora de "Amores Imaginários":

  8. Mauro Ambroggio

    Cine canadiense = Cine francés, sino miren "Les amours imaginaires" de Xavier Dolan. El Soundtrack es impecable

  9. Jasper says

    Love the movie & Soundtrack. One note: Dalida – Bang Bang is not French, but Italian.

  10. Alouette says

    Oubliée: “Le temps est bon” d’Isabelle Pierre

  11. Ham Solo says

    Ack! A forgotten track is Vive la Fete’s song Exactement.

    1. matt says

      !! and how was this forgotten?.. it was my favorite track of the entire film..

  12. Ajka says

    One of the best films I’ve seen during last months. Today I saw it for the second time… and I still love it! Perfect movie with perfect soundtrack!

    1. Kaitlin McNabb says

      very cool indeed. although, i will always think it is funny and ridiculous when house of pain is included on a soundtrack for any reason.

  13. Darcy S McCallum

    RT @sound_on_sight: The Soundtrack to ‘Les Amours Imaginaires’ Might be the Best of 2010
    #XavierDolan #Heartbeats #LesAmoursImaginaires

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