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Despite the title, Think Tank does not take Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder lightly

Despite the title, Think Tank does not take Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder lightly

Think Tank: Fun with PTSD #1thinktank-656x1024

Written by Matt Hawkins
Art by Rahsan Ekedal
Published by Top Cow Productions
Despite the title, Think Tank does not take Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder lightly

At the end of Think Tank: Fun with PTSD, writer Matt Hawkins takes a moment to discuss the subject of this one-shot, post-traumatic stress disorder. From the outset he explains, “Despite the title, I am NOT making fun of PTSD. I think if you read the story first you’ll know that, but I just want to make that extra clear. I consider it an important problem of our time, and something that will hopefully be fixable with our advances in brain research, nanotechnology, and neurochemistry.” This is followed by an in-depth discourse on what PTSD is, how it can be treated, and the myths and misconceptions surrounding the disorder. Again, all of this comes after the main story and is offered as an explanation for anyone who cares to dig deeper. Hawkins’ story for Think Tank: Fun with PTSD is both humorous and dramatic, making it an extremely entertaining read.

think-tank-3-coverThe story begins with Newton the dog going for a zero-gravity jaunt with Think Tank protagonist Dr. David Loren. Dr. Loren is next seen showing the footage of said jaunt to a group of pediatric cancer patients who are treated to a live visit with Newton who is now harnessed to a small drone that conveys her – in hilarious fashion – around the room. This humorous opening sets up the plot for Dr. Loren to be in the hospital to run into an old friend, Petty Officer Morgan, who has been wrongly convicted of murder and has been brought into the hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Loren winds up digging into the causes of PTSD and desires to come up with a cure so he can both help his friend recover from the disorder and clear his name of the crime. The problem is Petty Officer Morgan doesn’t want Loren’s help. This story is well-written and expertly plotted so to reveal any more of the plot would be a criminal offense. It is very good, let’s just leave it at that.

Rahsan Ekedal’s artwork is on par with the writing and easily captures the atmosphere created by Hawkins’ script. The panels featuring Newton the dog are especially well done and help to alleviate the heavy theme of the book. Hawkins and Ekedal do a magnificent job of keeping a balance between humor and drama. Think Tank: Fun with PTSD #1 is everything a good comic should be: humorous, dramatic, action-packed, well-scripted, well-drawn, the list could go on and on. It has it all. Go out, buy it, and enjoy it.