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Will Seth Rogen Star in the New Judd Apatow Film?

Recently we posted an article announcing that Paul Rudd and Leslie Mann would be reprising their roles from Judd Apatow’s  Knocked Up, in a spin off to the hit comedy. Apatow confirmed that the movie would not be a prequel nor a sequel, but instead a stand-alone film. The question that remains now is, whether or not Seth Rogen will also star in the film. During an interview with E Online, Rogen had this to say:

“I don’t know honestly… Judd mentioned to me somewhat offhandedly a long time ago that that was something he was thinking about, and then I made the Green Hornet and then I just read that the other day also. So I actually haven’t talked to him about it at all.”

Chances are Apatow is going to pack the movie with star power and I’m betting the entire cast of Knocked Up would at least make somewhat of a cameo. More to come.