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Throwback Thursday: Wii revolutionizes gaming

Throwback Thursday: Wii revolutionizes gaming


Nearly ten years ago the Nintendo Wii found its way into homes and revolutionized gaming as we know it. I know that sounds like a huge statement but stick with me on this one.

A new millenium ushered in a new and exciting era in gaming. None more exciting than the moment Nintendo president Satoru Iwata brought the Wii remote out on stage at the Tokyo Game Show in September of 2005. It left gamers with their mouths wide open. It was unlike any conventional controller on the market. Iwata demonstrated how to use this new-fangled device on a console that clearly lacked the horsepower of rivals Microsoft and Sony. But the promise of a new gaming experience, one that gave players greater control of characters on screen made everyone take notice of Nintendo for the first time in years.

In November 2006, the Wii hit shelves at $250 and came bundled bundled with Wii Sports, the best-selling game of all time. Ahhh…Wii SportsWii Sports is a great game to play with family and friends–just remember to wear that strap!


Seriously people! Your hands get sweaty moving around. Don’t forget to take a few steps back from the television as well. My Wii Sports bowling buddies know what I’m talking about. I know you want to get in the game, but come on now. Virtual Reality technology is almost here. So, just be patient for a little whileonger.

Anyway, the Wii was only available in white, had power and A/V cables, one Wii remote, one nunchuk controller, and one remote sensor. Conventional game controllers, which were designed to better control the large library of retro games, could be purchased separately for $20.

The Wii looked to expand the gaming community by inviting those who had shied away from gaming for years, and in that respect it succeeded.

[vsw id=”tQC5JyM4KHA” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

But a lack of games that utilized the Wii’s new motion sensor controllers had the gaming community wondering what Nintendo was doing. The slow and steady pace Nintendo had used since it came into existence in 1889 appeared to be doing more harm than good.

For a brief shining moment, motion controlled video games became a huge fad. Microsoft and Sony took note of Nintendo’s set-up and looked to make improvements. Sony introduced their motion controllers (let’s be real, they looked like magic wands), while Microsoft ditched the controller completely in favor of Kinect. Both companies ran into similar problems when it came to selling games that utilized their new motion controls, and soon dropped the idea altogether.

Always striving to remain at the forefront of gaming, Nintendo unleashed the Wii out into the world hoping to make a difference. Although it ultimately left gamers feeling unsatisfied, Nintendo’s break from conventional gaming pushed the industry to begin working on virtual reality headsets and HoloLenses, and for that, we salute you Wii!