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Todd Haynes Working With ‘Meek’s Cutoff’ Screenwriter On New Film


Writer Jon Raymond has a pretty impeccable resume thus far, having written Kelly Reichardt three films, Old Joy, Wendy & Lucy and Meek’s Cutoff. Todd Haynes has an equally impressive resume, best known for his feature films Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story, Poison, Safe, and the Academy Award-nominated Far from Heaven and I’m Not There. Well what if these two talents came together to write and direct a feature film? Wouldn’t it be something incredible?

In an interview with Time Out London, Haynes announced that he would be working with Raymond on his next project, a feature about contemporary conservative politics in America. Haynes didn’t reveal any other details, and in fact went on to say that he was still trying to sort out the details.

This would mark the third time the duo works together since Haynes produced Cutoff and Raymond co-wrote the first three parts of Mildred Pierce.


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