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‘Toil and Trouble’ # 5 Savage and Brute Actions

‘Toil and Trouble’ # 5 Savage and Brute Actions

Toil and Trouble #5
Written by Mairghread Scott
Artwork by Kelly Matthews and Nichole Matthews
Published by Boom! Studios

Toil and Trouble #5 resumes again with the three sisters. This time, however, Riata and Smertae’s tensions explode into a ceremonial fight, while their sister is left to judge their event. The artwork from Kelly and Nichole Matthews remains amazing for the whole comic. The different magical transformations of Smertae and Riata highlight the height of their work. Scott shines through with the dramatic and heartbreaking story telling during the climax.  Toil and Trouble #5 adds another strong piece to the charged tale.

The story of Toil and Trouble #5  reopens with the arrival of Smertae as Riata eggs on Macbeth to commit murder. The two sister declare a ceremonial fight over the mind, the memories, and the heart of Macbeth. Riata’s and Smertae’s duel is brutal and harsh, as the two fight to control the fate of a country through one man. The heartbreak pours out of Smertae as she watches Macbeth struggling during the fight over his feelings about his plan for murder. At the end of the fighting comes the gut-wrenching choice of Macbeth, despite all the efforts of Smertae.

Mairghread Scott’s writing shines most in the dialogue of Riata, Smertae, and Cait. Riata’s self-satisfaction over the end result of Macbeth’s choice bleeds over with coldness. It reveals how cruel and calculating she can be. For Smertae, her attitude toward Macbeth show a gentler soul, who is pushed into the same game as Riata.  In the end, Smertae shall end up on the same level as her self-serving sister. The development between Riata and Smertae becomes very dark and tragic over the course of their battle. As for Cait, she stands by as the sorrowful witness of the conflict between the sisters. All together the three sisters are well rounded and fully developed throughout the story.

Toil and Trouble #5 is a must read with its continually wondrous and awesome art. The writing is perfect too as the tale comes near its close.