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Dramatic Tensions Rise in ‘Toil and Trouble’ #4

Dramatic Tensions Rise in ‘Toil and Trouble’ #4

Toil and Trouble #4
Written by Mairghread Scott
Artwork by Kelly and Nichole Matthews
Letters by Warren Montgomery
Published by Boom! Studios

Toil and Trouble #4 continues to be strong in plot and artwork. It is a beautiful comic and really increases the conflict and strife between our three sisters. Writer Mairghread Scott dazzles and amazes with her well rounded characters and strong dialogue. The artwork of Kelly and Nichole Matthews is perfection in the aspects of fine attention to details and brilliant color schemes. Both come together to contribute well to the ongoing story of the Weird Sisters.

The story of Toil and Trouble #4 begins with the return of Macbeth to his home with his enchanted wife, Lady Macbeth, under the control of Riata. Meanwhile at the bottom of the sea, Smertae reflects for a moment of comfort, but she finds there can be no peace. Smertae makes her way back onto land to protect Macbeth from Riata’s doings. Yet, poor Smertae comes under attack from Riata’s familiar. Lastly, the middle sister, Cait, escorts the king and Banquo to Inverness. Upon their arrival, Cait perceives Riata’s enchantment upon Lady Macbeth, which causes Cait to challenge Riata because she violated the code of conduct. Riata and Cait then enter into a conflict, and tensions build from there.

Scott’s writing stands out greatly with the dialogue from the Weird Sisters. The exchanges between Cait and Riata about the rules of the deal and their own personal histories are grandiose. Such as when Cait reveals how she became as she is now. Cait speaks about how she gave herself up to a higher power to spare her clan from death, only to realize they would die from age anyhow. Riata’s response is very matter of fact. It shows the coldness of Riata while Cait has a more reasonable thought process.  Even the simple lines from Smertae provides an overall sense of how everything in the story will fall into place. She remarks to herself in a moment of rest how no one shall gain rest, even in their favorite activity or place.  It becomes clear that the plotline will not have a happy resolution, and it will be very bitter.

Toil and Trouble #4 has a ton to offer in the way of action, drama, and fine character moments. The artwork is stunning and great for the establishing the world of the characters. The tale of the sisters Smerate, Riata, and Cait shows how each other’s choices impact the lives of individuals and their fates. Give Toil and Trouble #4 a read today!