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Tom Hardy Joins Nolan’s Batman 3

Tom Hardy (Inception, Bronson) has recently been cast by Nolan to play a role in his next Batman film. This news comes from Deadline, which has no real further information regarding his character or his importance to the film. I do like that Nolan and Hardy are reuniting after working together in Inception. A reasonable assumption is that he will be put to the test as the next villain since the role has not been confirmed or released. Rumors have been floating around that the next villain will be Croc, since they will be shooting in Louisiana. Old rumors, perhaps more wishful thinking, would place The Riddler as the next villain. I personally would rather see The Riddler, but if Nolan could go more fantastical, I think I would love to see Clayface or Bane. My other theory/guess/odd thinking would be that Hardy could be a gritty older Robin? That would be stretching it, but hey, you never know. I honestly would love to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt play The Riddler. LET THE SPECULATIONS BEGIN!!!!