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Tomorrow Corporation tosses you into their ‘Human Resource Machine’

Tomorrow Corporation tosses you into their ‘Human Resource Machine’


The minds behind the bizarrely mesmerizing Little Inferno and World of Goo are finally back to their upbeat melancholy ways. Tomorrow Corporation, the three man development team based out of whatever local coffee shop has decent enough wifi, has recently announced their next game: a “tiny experiment” in worker bee management called Human Resource Machine.

A puzzle game based around the idea that every office is its own computer, Human Resource Machine sees your corporate boss assigning various tedious business objectives to complete, with your obedient employees able to perform any of these tasks as long as you, their supervisor, has properly programmed them. Delegate, people. The game promises to be accessible to those who aren’t fluent in 1’s and 0’s, with a total of only 11 commands learned over the course of the game, though apparently those are “enough to simulate almost any computer algorithm in the world”. Micro-managerial success, while probably irritating to those clearly inferior peons under you, results in not being fired and/or replaced by robots, as well as possible promotion to a higher floor in the not-at-all evil or imposing-looking Office Building.

Human Resource Machine looks to have Tomorrow Corp.’s signature art style and strange sense of humor, along with a premise as unique as a game all about burning stuff. Very welcome news, indeed. For a closer look, check out the trailer below:

Human Resource Machine is set to release on Windows and Mac (plus Steam key), with other platforms to be announced later. Those interested in a preorder can check out Tomorrow Corporation’s website. “The machines are coming…for your job” sometime later this summer.