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Troma Entertainment To Release Two New DVD’s

Troma Entertainment announces the release of two new DVD’s. First for lovers of heavy metal and heavy violence comes Heavy Mental. Ace Spade, garage band superstar, has just been given the guitar of the late Godfather of Heavy Metal, Eddie Lee Stryker. Eddie’s ghost possesses the instrument and is hell-bent on avenging his death at the hands of the smoldering and sinister Mrs. Delicious and her gang of groupies. When Eddie imbues Ace with his power, Ace becomes a giant metal monster, capable of shredding all his opponents, including the deviant Delicious. Masterfully directed by Mike Hartman (Detroit Blood City), Heavy Mental comes with tons of hardcore features, including Hartman’s commentary and a behind-the-scenes special.

Troma Entertainment will unleash one of the most horrifying German films ever to reach through American soil. Dead Eyes Open is the chilling account of a vacation gone terribly wrong when an adventurous group of friends find themselves stranded in the German countryside and under the attack of violent, bloodthirsty zombies. Their urgent search for help takes them to a fortress in the woods where they learn that the real horror has only just begun.

Dead Eyes Open boasts a special appearance by the legendary George A. Romero. Shot in a style that pays homage to the raw and terrifying horror flicks of the ‘70s, this film is loaded with special features including a behind-the-scenes slideshow and a German-language version.