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‘A Legend of Zelda’ / ‘Star Wars’ crossover game isn’t too difficult to imagine

‘A Legend of Zelda’ / ‘Star Wars’ crossover game isn’t too difficult to imagine

See what I did just there? Indeed, a Legend of Zelda/Star Wars crossover game isn’t too difficult to imagine. It wouldn’t be the first crossover game and there are bound to be plenty more.

Many game developers like to go all out with a crossover game, hinting at such an idea with hidden Easter Eggs that could link the different stories together. Marvel has shown it by combining all Superhero timelines with the Avengers. Bioware has done it with Easter Eggs, like putting a Krogan head (species from Mass Effect) in a Val Royeaux mansion in Dragon Age Inquisition (I’m still looking for that one). In fact, artists have drawn images of the Mass Effect characters as though they existed in the Dragon Age games instead. Fans have even gone so far as to say that Thedas (the Dragon Age setting) is a planet in the Mass Effect universe and that the DA timeline is actually the future and the Mass Effect story of Commander Shepard is in fact the past.

Would it then not also be possible for Link to be a Jedi? The Triforce could be a symbol of the Force: the Light Side, the Dark Side and the balance between the two. Or perhaps, if we want to get really geeky: The Unifying Force, the Living Force and the Physical Force. Of course, if we’re getting into such details, geeks like me might get nitpicky about there not being a fourth part to the Triforce for the Cosmic Force, but I digress. Hyrule could be a planet in the Star Wars galaxy, undiscovered as of yet, so probably somewhere in the far reaches of the Unknown Regions of the galaxy.

Link with Lightsaber

Think about it. What, with Disney changing what used to be considered canon and deciding it no longer applies, Star Wars basically has two timelines: One which includes the Original Expanded Universe (which includes everything from before the story of Revan in the Old Republic, all the way to the last novels released with the Lost Tribe of the Sith and comics about Cade Skywalker, and everything in­between); and the new timeline, where many beloved characters no longer exist or have otherwise been given different names and where events are different as well.

The Legend of Zelda games actually have three timelines. Some of you might be familiar with these, the information for which can be found in Hyrule Historia and the Zelda Timeline videos. They explain how several games take place in the original timeline (before the split) and many after the split, and they place each game chronologically (in terms of these timelines, not in order of release). This original timeline takes place before Ocarina of Time. This latter game creates a split that forms three timelines: One that continues with Link as an adult (known as the Adult Link Timeline, which includes the Windwaker and the games that follow it), one with Link who is back in time as his child self (known as the Child Link Timeline, which includes Majora’s Mask, Twilight Princess), and one where Link actually dies at the end (known as the Fallen Hero Timeline, which includes A Link To The Past, Seven Sages, Link’s Awakening).

It would then be not so crazy to assume that somewhere along these timelines, Link discovers he has Force powers. Combined with the magic of the Triforce, he would be powerful in the Force. Any Jedi or Sith would sense the ripples in the Force that Link’s powers create and go in search of these ‘’triangular fluctuations’’. Link could then undergo proper Jedi training. Likewise, Ganon, or at least one of his incarnations, could have discovered a Sith Holocron and learned to use the Force as well. The Dark Side would lure him into wanting to yield the power of the Triforce. Perhaps it is Ganon that is found by a Sith and Link must then find a Jedi to learn the ways of the Force in order to counter Ganon’s powers.

In addition, as we’ve seen in most Zelda games, there is always a new incarnation of Ganon, and often new incarnations of Princess Zelda, who is presented with different back stories, and new incarnations of Link as well, where he comes from different places, knows different people. Hyrule is a bit different each time as well. It’s as though they all exist in parallel realities. This then makes the idea even more fathomable. And you’ve got to admit, Link wielding a Lighsaber would be pretty cool.

So you see, a crossover game of Zelda and Star Wars doesn’t seem so strange anymore. All it would require, is for LucasArts, Bioware and Nintendo to get together and agree on a story, and then, just do it.

As per the Jedi code:
‘’There is no emotion, there is peace… …There is no death, there is the TriForce! ’’