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‘Tyrannosaur’ Wins Big at British Independent Film Awards

This past weekend at the British Independent Film Awards, actor/ director Paddy Considine’s feature, Tyrannosaur, lived up to its hype, taking home several awards, including the top prize for Best Film. The brutal drama tells the story of a widower trying to conquer his crippling anger, also nabbed Best Debut Director (Paddy Considine) and Best Actress (Olivia Colman).

Meanwhile another standout winner included Senna, for Best Documentary, Lynne Ramsay, for Best Director (We Need to Talk About Kevin), Richard Ayoade for Best Screenplay (Submarine) and Michael Fassbender, for Best Actor (Shame).

Critically-acclaimed gay film Weekend also won two accolades: Achievement In Production and Most Promising Newcomer for the film’s star, Tom Cullen.

Producer Tristan Goligher and director Andrew Haigh accepted the award, describing the win as one “genuinely for every person involved in the making of this film, from the cast, through all the crew, and all the companies who supported us. I’d also like to single out the line producer, Rachel Dargavel, a producer in her own right, and without whom the making of this film would have been a very different experience.”


Here is the full list of winners:


Best British Independent Film: “Tyrannosaur”

Best Director: Lynne Ramsay (“We Need to Talk About Kevin”)

Best Debut Director: Paddy Considine (“Tyrannosaur”)

Best Screenplay: Richard Ayoade (“Submarine”)

Best Actress: Olivia Colman (“Tyrannosaur”)

Best Actor: Michael Fassbender (“Shame”)

Best Support Actress: Vanessa Redgrave (“Coriolanus”)

Best Supporting Actor: Michael Smiley (“Kill List”)

Best Promising Newcomer: Tom Cullen (“Weekend”)

Best Achievement in Production: “Weekend”

The Raindance Award: “Leaving Baghdad”

Best Technical Achievement: Maria Djurkovic, Production Design (“Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy”)

Best Documentary: “Senna”

Best British Short: “Chalk”

Best Foreign Independent Film: “A Separation”

The Richard Harris Award: Ralph Fiennes

The Variety Award: Kenneth Branagh

The Special Jury Prize: Graham Easton