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Want to be a professional superhero? Here’s your chance

Want to be a professional superhero? Here’s your chance


DC Comics’ Green Lantern series has been popular ever since its conception in 1940. Alan Scott, Hal Jordon and others have all used their magical rings to fight evil in Coast City. Now, the fight against crime has moved from the streets to online – to be precise. Here, fans of the comic series can play the new Green Lantern slot game that’s taking the world by storm.

Bearing all the trademarks of the DC Comics company, the game flawlessly replicates the characters from the original comics, so fans can see their favourite fictional superheroes come to life with help from some impressive computer generated imagery and immaculate graphics.

But the visuals are just the start – it’s when players click spin for the first time they’ll get to see the real magic. The game’s paytable is extremely generous – much like the characters the comics were based on – and gives players an irresistible incentive to keep coming back. It’s no surprise that the Green Lantern and Ring are the two most valuable icons in the game. The wild symbol, which is the Green Lantern, appears on reels two and four and substitutes itself for all symbols except the Scattered Ring. This can lead to free winnings, spins and multipliers if it tumbles down alongside some other profitable icons.

The game’s rules and regulations are clearly laid out for those new to the world of online slot machines. Most importantly, the game guarantees players have fun, and that’s why fans just keep flocking to play. Being a superhero is a pipedream for most; on, Green Lantern fans can now make that superhero dream a reality – and maybe even pick up some money along the way. This is an offer you can’t refuse!

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