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Week in Review: Turn your Pizza Hut box into a movie projector

Week in Review: Turn your Pizza Hut box into a movie projector


Pizza and movies go together like peanut butter and jelly, or peanut butter and jelly pizza and the movies. Not a fan of those toppings? Whatever.

So while Domino’s is working overtime to remind you that they aren’t actually terrible and that they serve things other than pizza, Pizza Hut has come up with a brilliant, DIY way to bring you cheesy goodness, and also some pizza.

Via The Verge, Pizza Hut has developed a box that will transform into a movie projector. All you need is a smart phone. Order a Pizza Hut pizza, get it delivered in one of four different, artistically designed boxes, then pop out the lens that’s included into the front of the box, and finally prop up your phone with the small, three pegged pizza holder to project videos directly through the lens in the box onto a nearby wall.

And there you have it! Pizza and your own at-home digital projector. You can watch the how-to video via The Verge, and as an optional step, you can replace the Pizza Hut pizza with your own preferred choice of better tasting pizza.

Pizza Hut isn’t the only story worthy of a WTF this week. The most vulgar of the bunch was director Uwe Boll, who posted not one but two epic rants to YouTube after his film Rampage 3: No Mercy failed to earn enough money on Kickstarter. Boll said in no uncertain terms to all of his fans and to Kickstarter to “F*** Yourself”, derided actors like Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and Robert Downey Jr. and Marvel movies, and finally declared crowdfunding absolutely dead to him. Although he and his German accent will put it better than I can. Watch the first of the two videos above, and the other via Variety.

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I’m so glad Michael Keaton is back from seeming Hollywood obscurity. He went to an Atlanta Braves game and, in good fun, gave the what-for to a heckler of the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen. Yahoo Sports had the story, and reported that not only did Batman/Birdman have some fun with the heckler, but ultimately signed a ball for the “fan”. The fan supposedly even got McCutchen’s batting gloves and a gesture after the Pirate slugged an RBI double. Not a bad day at the ball park!

And while we’re all excited for Jurassic World, it’s Chris Pratt we’re going for. At the premiere of the movie this week, Pratt did his best Andy Dwyer in Mouse Rat impression and joined Jimmy Buffett on stage for a performance of “Margaritaville”. Watch a clip from the event above via Instagram.

In a case of particularly bad timing, Consequence of Sound called attention to a screening of a new film called United Passions, in which Tim Roth plays now deposed FIFA President Sepp Blatter. The film is even funded by FIFA as an account of the football organization’s history. But it turns out only two people cared to watch a film idolizing the man at this point in his career, and the film currently sits with a 0 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Finally, a new script of Star Wars uncovered in an archive may have finally put to rest the question of whether Han Solo actually shot first. Based on the liner notes and the script itself, the curator claims, “I can tell you 100 percent, Han shot first.” However, Deadline spoke with Lucasfilm Publicity and suspects the script may actually be a fan-made replica that could’ve been won at a convention, and not an original, George Lucas script.

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