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What To Read Before You Watch Gotham

What To Read Before You Watch Gotham


Fox has recently unveiled the new trailer for their upcoming series Gotham. The series takes place just after the murder of Bruce Wayne’s parents, and years before he becomes Batman. Episodes will focus on the Gotham Police Department, particularly a young Jim Gordon, as they confront early incarnations of classic Gotham baddies. Judging by the trailer and the hype surrounding it, the show has quite a bit of promise.

Most people know very little about Jim Gordon, a character always playing second fiddle to Bruce Wayne’s Batman. Over the years, however, DC has released a number of series that truly highlight the commissioner, as well as what Gotham was like before the arrival of the Dark Knight Detective.


Black Mirror

Black Mirror

The story here focuses on Jim Gordon and his son, James Jr. The play between Gordon and his son is rather interesting throughout this story. Jim Gordon Junior is crazy; Certifiable. He’s just come home to inform his father that he’s been cured. Throughout the series, Gordon is constantly suspicious of his son’s actions, and the writing here will keep you guessing till the very end. Black Mirror is filled with enough twists and turns that you won’t ever be sure where it is headed. The story is a thoroughly entertaining read from start to finish.

Gotham Central

Gotham Central gives a good glimpse into the lives of GCPD officers from day to day. Though Gordon isn’t seen much in the story, it should give readers an excellent idea of what to expect from the less action-heavy bits of the Gotham TV series. Since Gotham Central gives an every-man sort of feel to the protectors of Gotham, and showcases a scattering of the city’s famous villains, Gotham Central will most likely outline the direction that will be used for the series.

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Gordon of Gotham

Gordon of Gotham gives a little back story on Jim’s career as a police officer. While holding together a struggling marriage, Gordon must also deal with corruption in the Chicago Police Department. He investigates a fellow officer on the take, and is assaulted, and publicly discredited for his actions. Gordon never stops fighting the corruption in the city, causing his superiors to recommend that Jim take an available position in the Gotham PD.

No Man’s Land

No Man’s Land is the follow-up to Cataclysm, a story where Gotham is nearly destroyed by a massive earthquake. Batman has disappeared, and the US Government cuts off the city from the rest of the United States, leaving Gordon, and Gotham PD to defend the city without outside help. During this, we see Gordon forming uneasy alliances in order to protect the remaining citizens.

Batman: Year OneBAtman Year One

Frank Miller’s iconic birth of Batman perfectly illustrates Gotham in the early years of his career. Gotham is a city besieged by crime, run by the mafia, and on the brink of swallowing itself whole. What it needs is a beacon of hope, and a saviour  –  and thankfully, it gets two. In addition to a young Bruce Wayne, readers also follow Jim Gordon, a veteran of the Chicago PD, as he is transfers back to the last place he wants to be in. Gordon lives up to his squeaky clean reputation, however, causing the other officers to bring down months of misery and torment. Miller shows Gordon’s resolve and virtue as a stark contrast to Batman’s shadowy operation because Gordon is forced to deal with the fall-out of his decisions and comes out stronger for it.

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