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Fantasia Film Festival 2011– Four Wild Cards #2 ‘Theatre Bizarre’

3 – Theatre Bizarrre

Directed by:

Douglas Buck (segment The Accident)

Buddy Giovinazzo (segment I Love You)

David Gregory (segment Sweets)

Karim Hussain (segment Vision Stains)

Tom Savini (segment Wet Dreams)

Richard Stanley (segment The Mother Of Toads)

One of this year’s most anticipated films for genre enthusiasts is a horror anthology titled The Theatre Bizarr. There is a lot to be excited about here: first, cult icon Udo Kier (Blood for Dracula, Melancholia) stars in one segment. Second , the D.O.P. Of Hobo With A Shotgun and director of the incredibly fucked up Subconscious Cruelty Karim Hussain is directing one of the seven segments. Sir Richard Stanley, director of the cult classics Hardware and Dust Devil is directing another. Legendary special effects make-up artist Tom Savini and director of the Night of the Living Dead remake is also behind the director’s chair as is Buddy Gionvinazzo, who directed one of our ten favourite films from last year’s fest Life is Hot In Cracktown.

So again this is all good news, so why put it down as a wild card? The answer is simple. As with most (maybe all) horror anthologies, some segments will inevitably be more engaging than others, and having a bad (or even not as good) chapter in the middle of two great ones, can hurt the overall flow and experience. Can all seven directors hit the mark? Hopefully so. Either way, this is a must see. Also worth noting is that the picture is produced by one of my favourite genre distributors, Severin Films, and will be making its World Premiere. So be first in line to purchase a ticket because it is sure to be sold out.

Watch the trailer here!