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Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 62: ‘Mars Needs Moms’

Today is a very special day at Mousterpiece Cinema HQ, because it’s finally happened. After months of searching, after hours of discussion, we have found a film that Mike doesn’t love. In fact, this is a film that Mike had an easier time nitpicking. Yes, that’s right, folks, Mike can nitpick, too! In this epic episode, Josh and Mike get right into the nitty-gritty of what is currently the biggest box-office flop in film history: Mars Needs Moms, a motion-capture animated movie based on the Berkeley Breathed book of the same name. Is the movie as bad as you might think? Do cats like broccoli? Did Mike dislike a movie more than Josh for once? Could it be possible? Check out the new show to find out!


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Josh Spiegel contributes to Sound on Sight as a podcaster, its chief film critic, and editor of the Film section. (And that's just in his free time.) He started up the all-encompassing Disney film podcast Mousterpiece Cinema in June of 2011, and joined Sound on Sight officially in January of 2012. He joined the ranks of the Sound on Sight flagship podcast in early 2013. He's also a member of the Online Film Critics Society.

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