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10 Reasons To Love . . . The Cuse 

So I’ve chosen to begin my new weekly segment ‘10 Reasons to Love . . .‘ by highlighting an actor who means more to me than any other.

John Cusack or The Cuse. Possibly the coolest, kindest and most magnetic actor I’ve ever come across. For decades now he’s played roles in films as varied as Being John Malkovich, Con Air, Stand By Me, Serendipity, Max, and even The Thin Red Line. But none of these flicks really showcase the reason why I’ll go out of my way to track down every single film he stars in. Below is a list of 10 films, placed in order, that every self-respecting film fan should check out. If you’re already a Cuse convert then they will serve as a joyful reminder of his work and hopefully illuminate one or two projects that you may not have come across. If you are new to his charm then I envy you as you’re life is about to get a little brighter.

So here I give you 10 Reasons to Love . . . The CUSE.


It’s almost impossible to pick a top film to sell John Cusack with, but after much procrastination I concluded that it simply had to be this stellar movie based on the brilliant novel by Nick Hornby. Packed with terrific lines, tragically hilarious performances, and brutal honesty – this is one of the most succinctly enjoyable dissections of the awkward realities of modern love around. Topped off by a brilliant soundtrack.

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02  SAY ANYTHING . . .

Possibly his most famous role due to the now iconic imagery of The Boombox Scene. Written and directed by Cameron Crowe, this is a rare gem that boasts all that was great about 80’s romance movies and is absolutely teeming with classic quotes. Also includes a stellar performance from John Mahoney (Frasier’s dad).

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Insanity encapsulated in a simple premise : an assassin returns to his home town for his high school reunion. What ensues is one of the most uniquely zany and entertaining films ever made. A must see.

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Classic Cuse here in a wired, wacky road trip to meet an unbelievably hot  ‘sure thing’ while a young, uptight girl comes along for the ride. A near perfect late night 80’s romantic flick. Essential.

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The Cuse goes toe-to-toe with Al Pacino in this forgotten 90’s political classic. Superb script, superb music and superb performances all round. Honestly one of my favourite little gems from that decade and Cusack shows a sincere and powerful side.

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A brilliant little horror film this and The Cuse is caught in the centre of it’s hitchcockian style slasher tendencies. It’s conclusion may grate with some but this is a deftly directed and well played out gem.

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A huge tear jerker this one as The Cuse plays probably his most challenging role to date as an out of shape, balding, bespectacled father who takes his two daughters on a road trip after being informed that his military wife has been killed in duty. It’s a beautiful unknown movie that is well worth digging out.

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Hugely overlooked, this may be a little saccharine but it’s actually a really affecting, tender, well acted film that stalls a bit in the finale but offers up an awesome Cuse role that the ladies in particular will lap up.

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Ok, so this is an awesome movie and one of the all-time greats but sadly The Cuse isn’t in it all that much so it has to go fairly low on the list. This is a wonderful John Hughes movie though and I highly recommend everyone checks it out.

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10  2012

So the movie sucks, but apparently if you stick with The Cuse then you can avoid every natural disaster in the book by about an inch or two. So there you go – proof that John Cusack is instilled with almighty powers and you would do well to be his friend.

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Written by Al White