11 Items That Make Your Home Resemble a Celebrity’s

Luxury isn’t just about having a big house with a beautiful yard. It’s about filling your home with items that shout value, even if your home is smaller than you’d like.

The word luxury doesn’t only refer to expensive items. It means you’re able to live in great comfort, love your surroundings, and fill your home with extravagance.

The rarer an item is, the more valuable it becomes. Also, if it takes a lot of work to make something, that tends to qualify it as a luxury item. Sometimes that means a huge price tag, and other times it might involve a more moderate cost.

Either way, if you really want a home that resembles a celebrity’s, then you should add a few special items to your interior décor.

1. True Persian Hand-Knotted Rug

These are the most luxurious rugs on the planet. A single rug can take up to a year to complete! Each has its own personality and pattern and will give any room a more extravagant look.

2. Smart Mirrors

Your bathroom mirror could double as a personal computer, and let you look at Facebook, watch a movie, listen to music, check the weather, set the thermostat, email work, and more while you’re getting ready for the day.

3. Outdoor Kitchen

Even if you live in a region where it’s not warm all year round, an outdoor kitchen is an incredibly comfortable and convenient addition. You can host a backyard barbecue any day of the year without the hassle of having to walk back and forth between the yard and your indoor kitchen.

4. Pool and Spa

Water features around your home can be extremely relaxing, and they can help you stay in shape as well. If it’s too cold to have a pool outside, move it indoors.

5. Theater Room

Nothing beats a night in with the family. But when you’re crowded on a single couch, sharing a single bowl of popcorn, and trying to watch a movie on a tiny screen, the evening loses a bit of its appeal. You need a great home theater design with single seating, a home popcorn machine, a giant screen, and excellent lighting features.

6. Dressing Room Closet

Your clothes need a space of their own, and it’s especially convenient if the space is big enough that you can change inside the closet. That way, you can switch your outfit as many times as you want without making a mess on your bed and bedroom floor.

7. Spa Bathroom

Import the comfort of the world’s best spa hotels into your own bathroom with a waterfall shower, Jacuzzi bathtub, and romantic lighting.

8. Fitness Center

Many affluent folks have a habit of staying in shape. It’s much easier to do the same when you have your own private gym. You can equip the room with your favorite exercise equipment, built-in wireless speakers, televisions, and more.

9. Secret Room

Sometimes luxury isn’t about needs. You might not have a particular purpose for a secret room, but it’s still pretty awesome to have one.

10. Rotating Sink

Wash dishes, thaw chicken, strain vegetables, chop carrots, and more, all without cross-contamination. A rotating sink allows you to use several different receptacles in the kitchen without taking up much space or creating lots of germy surfaces.

11. Beach Fire Pit Area

Roast marshmallows or cuddle with a loved one by the fire. Bring in sand and palm trees to surround a fire pit and create an extravagant, relaxing getaway.

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