5 Things Disney Fans Learned From Growing Up On the Classics


Disney is one of the most recognizable symbols in the entire world. It doesn’t matter if you’re American, there is a Disneyland Paris, Disneyland Hong Kong, a Shanghai Disney resort,  a Tokyo Disney resort, and a Hawaii Disney resort and spa in addition to the original Disneyland in Anaheim and the Disney World resort in Florida.

The magic that is Disney and all of its cartoons is a magic that transcends culture, entrances people, compels them to drive hundreds of miles in a vehicle that’s been through a life of love and hard-earned miles, and draws people back into reminiscing about their childhoods. Disney is basically synonymous with happiness. Those who grew up watching the classics learned a lot of valuable life lessons. Though there are many, here are just 6 things fans took away from the Disney classics:

The Circle of Life Moves Us All

Of all of the Disney classics, The Lion King has to be the most classic. Most people in the world don’t realize that it’s Shakespeare’s Hamlet set to an Elton John soundtrack. Take a story that is one of Shakespeare’s best, have the pop icon of the world write the music, portray the story using cute animals, and you’ve got a recipe for instant success.

Disney fans learned that the circle of life does indeed move us all. Everybody needs one another, and the world will indeed crumble under poor leadership. Every individual needs to embrace their destiny, you shouldn’t worry about things, and love is best when found with your childhood best friend.

Love Comes Unexpectedly

There aren’t any Disney movies that portray love as arranged marriage. If you learn anything about love from Disney, you learn that it’s unexpected, it often takes you on a journey that requires you to give up something.

Disney love transcends class rankings, as is evident in Aladdin, Cinderella and Robin Hood, it transcends looks, as is shown in Beauty and the Beast, it transcends reputation as is displayed in Lady and the Tramp, Aladdin, and Robin Hood, and there is great, valuable love in friendship as well, which you know by the way you cried watching The Fox and the Hound. If anybody knew the vast parameters of love, it was Walt Disney and his production team.

Dreams Come True

“When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you.” You know this song from Pinocchio. It might be one of the most quoted disney songs out there. It accurately portrays the Disney mantra. Dream big, because you can achieve anything.

You dream of becoming something people say you’re not? Go for it. You have a passion to give your life up for others? That’s brilliant. Follow in the footsteps of Mulan. Disney teaches its fans that nothing is impossible, and to never stop dreaming because that’s how you have the power to change the world.

Love Transcends Race

Though Pocahontas isn’t famous for being completely historically accurate, the film did teach the world that love and companionship transcend race. John Smith and Pocahontas fell in love and Pocahontas was willing to give her life for John Smith. He ended up being injured because Kocoum couldn’t understand their love.

Evil Can Be Overcome

In any story there must be conflict. In the writing of a story, you have the exposition, the rise, the climax, the fall, and the denouement. You have heros, you have tragic heros, you have villains that the protagonist must overcome while maintaining their character and integrity.

Disney is brilliant at highlighting this reality in life. You will always be faced with evil people. The important part is that good will always win. The villains get what’s coming to them. You can save a nation, you can save the lives of A Hundred and One Dalmatians, you can bring out the best in a beast.

Disney is life, and so dear friends, watch on and learn. Even when you’re grown up, neverland exists in the rolling of a tape and the forgetting of reality for 90 minutes of pure peace and contentment that comes with watching a Disney classic.

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