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2010 Golden Tomato Awards Announced

Rotten Tomatoes has announced their 2010 Golden Tomato Awards. Everyone already knows that Toy Story 3 was the best-reviewed wide-release of 2010, but it is still interesting to see which other nine made the top ten. You can see the list below but first here are a few interesting facts.

  • This marks the fourth year in a row that a Pixar film has won the award.
  • Toy Story 3 scored a 99% on the Tomatometer with only 3 critics out of 248 giving the film a “rotten” review.
  • The best-reviewed limited-release film was Last Train Home (100%),
  • The Top UK film was Exit Through the Gift Shop (98%),
  • The best User-Reviewed film was The King’s Speech (96%).
    Here is the list:
    Top 10 Wide-Release Films

    1.) Toy Story 3

    2.) How to Train Your Dragon

    3.) The Social Network

    4.) True Grit

    5.) The King’s Speech

    6.) The Town

    7.) The Kids Are All Right

    8.) Let Me In

    9.) The Fighter

    10.) Black Swan

    Worst 10 Wide-Release Films

    1.) Vampires Suck

    2.) The Last Airbender

    3.) The Bounty Hunter

    4.) Furry Vengeance

    5.) My Soul to Take

    6.) Grown Ups

    7.) Little Fockers

    8.) Marmaduke

    9.) Saw 3D

    10.) Killers

    Click over to Rotten Tomatoes to see all the categories.