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2010 Tribeca Film Festival Features Horror

Characters in this year’s selection of horror films are all faced with confronting an overwhelming and insatiable evil urge, either within themselves or another.  Find out what happens when a young successful woman loses the house of her dreams, and consequentially her sanity in DREAM HOME. Viewers of OPEN HOUSE witness a man struggling between his instinctual violent ways or taking the first step towards salvation.  POSSESSED tells the story of the deathly domino effect of one woman’s disappearance, and her brother’s quest to solve her disappearance before the transparent but undeniably tangible evil claims another neighborhood victim.  Finally, in THE KILLER INSIDE OF ME, the Festival’s audience will get a firsthand look at the mind of a crazed sociopath hidden inside the body of a southern gentleman, and the chaotic and violent result of what happens when he’s pushed too far.