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Previewing March TV

Previewing March TV

Television at the minute is continuing to grow stronger. In fact, the levels of quality that television programmes now strive to achieve often eclipse those of film. Every month we are treated not only to popular shows returning to our screens but also with innovative new series, and March looks set to be no different. With a host of new and returning shows, March really is a bumper month for television. Let’s take a look at what we can look forward to…


Broadchurch – March 2nd

This British drama returns after the overwhelming success last year of the first season. The show transformed actress Olivia Coleman from comedy sidekick into a full blown superstar here in Britain. Starring alongside the snarling David Tennant, the duo play respective detectives Ellie Miller and Alec Hardy. Like most detective pairings, Miller is the tonic to the somewhat hazardous Hardy. In ‘True Detective’ style, the story unfolds over eight episodes. Last year it kept the audience guessing as to who the murderer was for two months. In fact, only four members of the cast even knew who the murderer was. If the second series has as many twists and the same stellar performances from Coleman and Tennant, it could well eclipse the mercurial first season.

Cheltenham Festival – March 11-14

The world famous Cheltenham Festival makes for great viewing. With more famous faces than a catwalk and of course world-class racing on show, Cheltenham really does have everything. With so many brilliant races, the festival makes for compelling viewing and this year’s Champion Hurdle, one of the highlights of the festival, is going to be very exciting. Bookmakers Titan Bet currently have two favourites for the title. Alongside the Grand National, Cheltenham is the best jump racing you can watch, and while many may be sceptical, you need only watch one or two races and your opinion may be changed. If you do place any horse racing bets with Titan Bet, then you will be well and truly engrossed.

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From Dusk till Dawn – March 12th

If you have seen the film From Dusk till Dawn you might be salivating at the thought of a TV series, and if you haven’t then you’re in for a treat. The 1996 film was directed by Robert Rodriguez in collaboration with a certain Quentin Tarantino, as well as a cast featuring George Clooney, Salma Hayek and Harvey Keitel. Now be advised that any television vehicle involving Rodriguez is going to involve copious amounts of violence, but if you have no qualms with violence then this is the series for you. From Dusk till Dawn could go a long way to filling that void left behind by Breaking Bad.


Crisis – March 16th

This American based drama has a whole host of stars appearing in it, none more so than Gillian Anderson of the X-Files. From the premise of the show you can see it is going to be a high-octane affair. On a school trip, students from Ballard High School, the chosen school of the Washington D.C. elite, are kidnapped. One of said students is the son of the President. As is to be expected, a national crisis ensues and it’s up to rookie FBI agent Marcus Finley to resolve it. If the series can live up to its premise then we’re in for a treat.