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‘Poltergeist’ remake in the works

‘Poltergeist’ remake in the works


They’re back!!! Sam Raimi and Gil Kenan are remaking the horror classic Poltergeist, and not even Hollywood rumors about a deadly curse are enough to stop them.

What makes the original 1982 version so terrifying? Let’s recap. An average everyday family, living in a run-of-the-mill suburban house, begin to notice some strange things are happening in their little corner of paradise. It starts off innocently enough, with objects moving from place to place. However the film doesn’t let audiences forget that despite its PG rating, Poltergeist  is nothing short of petrifying.


What makes Poltergeist so bone -chilling is the use of practical effects, rotating sets, and relatively new actors who masterfully brought a sense a realism to the film. Poltergeist 2 and may not have been a blockbuster hits, but after watching Poltergeist, you jumped when your TV screen became snowy and barricaded closets.

The remake will focus on the Bowen family, who will be “a little more working class,” according to Sam Rockwell, who will be playing the head of the house, Eric. Kenan and Raimi’s version aims to borrow story elements rather than retell what happened to the Freelings. Even if it is a completely new story, 2014’s Poltergeist has some big shoes to fill, since it is tapping into existing lore.

Technological advances will definitely allow film crews to create some pretty amazing effects that were impossible back in 1982, but that does not necessarily mean that the new film will be better than the original. In an age where Hollywood has become effects-heavy, finding a balance between practical and CG effects will be vital to making audiences scream in fright. Of course, storytelling is key to the film’s success, especially since similar narratives, like Paranormal Activity and Insidious,  have been hitting theaters lately.

The new Poltergeist wont be out till next year; in the meantime, enjoy the original Poltergeist trilogy. Pleasant dreams.

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