Moving In: The Coolest Houses Used In Films


If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Given the choice, we would pick one of these 4 houses from the movies. Say what you will about your historically rooted community or your tiny apartment in a buzzing city, sometimes you just have to go with the dream.

While some of these residences are technically fictional, their film adaptation has sold us on them. Now just hook us up with the realtor or rental agent – we’re moving in!

Headed “Under The Tuscan Sun”

When the 2003 film “Under The Tuscan Sun” opens, the Italian villa at the center of the movie isn’t much to look at. A lot of dreaming and a team of Polish workers later, though, and you’re looking at a gorgeous vacation home, perfect for your soul-searching “Eat, Pray, Love” style getaway. In fact, you can even rent the real life property if you want to live out this particular adventure.

Bedding Down In Gryffindor Tower

The Harry Potter books by J.K. Rowling are amazing, but the fact is that you can’t actually see any of the buildings she describes. That’s why the movies have been so successful – they give us what we’ve all been craving, and the special effects and added details in the third movie really brought it all alive. That’s why, along with most fans, we’re ready to take up residence in Gryffindor tower – as long as the dementors stay a good distance away.

Live Like A Billionaire

Going back to an era with fewer special effects, we’d elect the desert mansion in the 1971 James Bond film “Diamonds Are Forever” to our list of dream residences.The elaborate home, occupance of the billionaire Willard Whyte stands out for its 220 degree views of the surrounding desert, motorised walls, and elegant swimming pool. The desert isn’t the first place most of us would choose to live, but given the opportunity to housesit for Whyte, we’d jump at the chance.

A Singular Home

“A Single Man” is a classic film with a plot centered on grief, but if you’re going to grieve, George Falconer’s house is the place to do it. This is another movie film you could really live in – but only if you’ve got about $1.5 million to spare; that’s what it went for the last time the Falconer home was on the market. Made from concrete, glass, and redwood, we see why the going price was so high.

The best way to grab a bed in any of these homes may be to make it big in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream. These famous and fictional houses are the homes we yearn for. Let’s just say our taste is a little bigger than our paycheck.


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