Surf’s Up for Gerard Butler in ‘Mavericks’

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Gerard Butler has gone from being a singing Phantom of the Opera to kicking some major butt in films like 300 and RocknRolla to playing up some romantic comedies such as last year’s The Bounty Hunter. Up next per The Wrap, Butler takes on a real life figure in surfer biopic Mavericks. It is the story of 22 year old accomplished Santa Cruz surfer Jay Moriarty who first rose to fame after successfully surfing in Mavericks, a location known for its “fearsome big wave breaks“, but unfortunately died in 2001 one day before his 23rd birthday.

The production company behind the film,Walden Media,  had this to say in a statement to announce the project “Jay’s story remains an inspiration to surfers and non-surfers around the globe, who’ve coined the phrase, ‘Live like Jay.’” Butler has signed on to play fellow surfer and Moriarty’s mentor Rick “Frosty” Hesson and will hold title of executive producer as well. Curtis Hanson (8 Mile, In Her Shoes) is onboard to direct with a screenplay by Kario Salem and Brandon Hooper. Principal photography begins in October.

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