Four Interesting Bumpers for SXSW 2011

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With SXSW underway, many people are curious to hear about the movies being screened. However, unless you have ever attended film festival screenings, I am sure you are unaware of something called a “Film Bumper”. This is a short film that plays immediately before a feature film is screened, with it’s purpose being to serve as a theme for the festival.

The buzz from the streets of this years SXSW has been about director Joe Nicolosi and his five film bumpers, the standout being a real world portrayal of Super Mario. The interest even led to a meme forming in the streets as Film School Rejects reports the commonly heard phrase being “Did you hear about the Mario bumper?”.

Nicolosi writes “They’re the result of a lot of time and hard work, but the entire process from pitching to the film festival to making the visual effects was fun and rewarding”

You can view four of them below, unfortunately the fifth one is not ready to be shown on youtube. If you wish to see more of Nicolosi’s work then you can visit his website

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