Adam Sandler struggles to make shoes in ‘The Cobbler’


After an underwhelming performance in last year’s Men, Women and Children, can Adam Sandler try to hit gold with another role outside of his usual comedies? It seems like the reviews from the Toronto International Film Festival don’t agree.

A new trailer for The Cobbler hit the web on Wednesday. The film stars Sandler as Max, a shoe repairman who stumbles across a pair of magical shoes that allow him to become other people depending on who wore them.

The film, which is directed by Win Win‘s Thomas McCarthy, was hit hard by critics when it premiered in Toronto. Indiewire said that it “misses its marks wide and often, almost from the first frame. To say that it’s in need of repair would only be the start of addressing the multitude of problems the picture presents, because what it actually needs is a little more soul.”

The Cobbler hits theaters on March 13.

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