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Banksy Finally Responds To His Oscar Loss

Well after dozens upon dozens of articles written here at Sound On Sight about Exit Through The Gift Shop, I would have to assume this would be the very last. The infamous street artist remained surprisingly quiet since the Academy Awards, after leaving behind a ton of street art around Los Angeles, but now he is back. It seems Banksy has finally responded to the Oscars, only the new piece is not in LA, it is in Weston, UK.

The SWNS broke the story so soon after the piece had gone up, that the paint was still wet.

The painting is partly a reference to 15-month old Lara, who dropped and damaged her father’s Oscar statue, which he received for being a co-producer on The King’s Speech.

Banksy has reportedly said, “The last time there was a naked man covered in gold paint in my house, it was me.”

Watch the video below to see Lara’s reaction to breaking the Oscar. Enjoy.