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36 Legendary Kills from The Master of Suspense

More than any other filmmaker, Alfred Hitchcock is the quintessential 20th century movie director. He began his career in the days of silent pictures and continued all the way until 1976, with Family Plot.

During his long career, he directed over 40 features and once said that any movie director could surprise his audience by setting off a bomb, but to show the audience a time bomb, ticking away under a desk as two men calmly discuss baseball, is far more elegant and terrifying.

Instead of shocking his audience with splatter and gore, he terrified us with suspense. Audience have always been overwhelmed with the desire to warn the characters of the danger which they perceive, and which the characters are not aware of, especially in his films since, well murder was usually his calling card. Now thanks to UltraCulture, we can see 36 prime examples of Hitchcock’s method to transfer the threat from the screen to the minds of the audience. Enjoy.

Via Ultracare

Here is a list of all the films in the video:



Rich and The Strange

The Skin Game

Number 17

The Man Who Knew Too Much

The 39 Steps


Secret Agent

Young and Innocent

The Lady Vanishes

Jamaica Inn

Foreign Correspondent






Under Capricorn

Stage Fright

Strangers On A Train

I Confess

Dial M For Murder

To Catch A Thief

The Trouble With Harry

The Man Who Knew Too Much


North by Northwest




Torn Curtain



Family Plot

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