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Best Film Apps

Best Film Apps


Some of the best film apps out there at the moment are the ones that save the user from choosing the wrong film at that all important moment by providing a catalogue of independent reviews, information, trailers and more. Whether you are looking for the most suitable film for date night, family time or an evening with friends, find the perfect film using some of the great apps provided on a smartphone such as Apple’s new iPhone.

Arguably the godfather of mobile apps is that developed by the global giant of film reviews, Rotten Tomatoes. Jam packed with an extensive catalogue of trusted reviews, this has become the first point of call for many a person looking for a good movie with its reputation for impartial and insightful comments leading to the best quality of movie picks

Similar to the Rotten Tomatoes app, the IMDb app allows users to access a database of reviews and ratings for films along with extra information such as fun trivia and the ability to watch the movie trailer. The great movie experiment is another review based app only this comes with a little twist: the user is given the option of two films and must choose one out of the two, rather than rate the movie out of a number or allocating stars. The site can then convert this into a database revealing the most popular films overall, making choosing a great film that bit easier and less time consuming.

The Mubi app, although it is not the best of all movie apps, it does offer something a bit different to the more well know apps due to the range of films in its catalogue. It is mostly compiled of underground cinema as opposed to mainstream blockbusters with the aim of putting the spotlight on the more unknown classics and away from the mainstream. Users will enjoy discovering movies they might have otherwise never seen and make themselves look ultra-cultured in front of visitors. They can also join in with some interesting movie discussions.