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‘Big Birdman’ deserves the Oscar for ‘Sesame Street’ parodies

‘Big Birdman’ deserves the Oscar for ‘Sesame Street’ parodies


If there’s one show on television that displays regular technical wizardry that could be on par with Emmanuel Lubezki’s cinematography in Birdman, maybe it’s Sesame Street, which orchestrates so many monsters and puppets flawlessly and has done so for decades.

In a strange way other than just one of its most famous characters’ names, Big Birdman feels like a perfectly apt parody. Starring Big Bird’s puppeteer Carroll Spinney, one man is haunted by a looming yellow bird pattering away inside his head in constant mental turmoil and anguish over not doing “that Raymond Carver” play and dealing with “very ticklish monsters”.

Unlike the movie, and for that matter most Sesame Street parodies, Big Birdman slants a little more to the adults. But this is Sesame Street, so this isn’t nearly as dirty as the Whiplash parody we shared just yesterday. Watch it below:

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