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Cap-Wolf Cometh in ‘Sam Wilson: Captain America’ #3

Cap-Wolf Cometh in ‘Sam Wilson: Captain America’ #3

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Captain America: Sam Wilson #3
Writer: Nick Spencer
Artist: Daniel Acuña with Mike Choi
Letterer: Joe Caramagna
Publisher: Marvel Comics

Nick Spencer goes full out Ant-Man levels of hilarious, and readers won’t be ready for this third issue. In a change of pace, we get inside of Misty Knight’s head to see where a missing Sam has been captured. It’s a quick few pages detailing on how Misty takes no shit, even from Sam and is a capable part of Sam’s entire operation. Then, there’s the special treat of a “traditional” Captain America spectacle in the form of the return of Cap-Wolf!

Even with the return to wolf-form, the plot of what exactly the Sons of the Serpent are doing with the kidnapped people in the desert continues. There is also a rather obscure Spider-Man villain, who comes off as a more crazier rendition of the Higher Evolutionary with a thing for reinvention and getting over the past. Daniel Acuña draws emotional faces to fit the story beats that Spencer needs to strike from sad, tearful iguanas and rage ready symbiotes leaping into battle with Sam. The continuous peek inside Sam’s psyche during battle is appreciated, we’re getting to see the parallels between how Steve handles villains, and how Sam takes the duels with villainy…more personal and is self-aware of those on his side.

It’s at this pivotal point where we get the All-New Cap-Wolf full introduction and all the usual werewolf jokes you can fit in several panels (Misty references Teen Wolf and American Werewolf in London.) Even as a Cap-Wolf, Sam puts others above himself and sets out for a rescue all the while the citizens continue to be a reference point for what certain readers may or may not be thinking with a recently outed Government Outlaw-Hero for Hire Werewolf flying through the streets. Acuña and the mostly mud colored Mutated Animals present a horror tinged battle with a resounding ending and an artist switch! Mike Choi joins the team for a type of resolution and an intensifying mystery with the Serpents. The art switch is noticeable to a point, but Choi plays to his  strengths with closeups and character models that help accentuate the remaining pages. Nick Spencer gives us a last page reveal that plays like something from his current Ant-Man run.

In the more “out-there” issue of the Sam Wilson run, the entire team both on writing and art supply us with a horror-comedy issue that boosts the plot forward, gives us a modern take on an old-school Captain America tale, and a double dose of Nick Spencer’s brand of kooky comedy. 9_rating