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How Celebrities Workout in Style: Colorful Shoes Are All the Rage

How Celebrities Workout in Style: Colorful Shoes Are All the Rage


For the majority of the population, hitting the gym is something done out of necessity, rather than joy. Though most enjoy the workout and the way they feel later, getting motivated is the biggest challenge.

When you’re dressed in style, however, that dreaded feeling of hitting the gym often diminishes. The best styles to shop for are those the celebrities are wearing, and right now, that means bright colors and bold patterns.

Here are some celebrity shoe sightings to help inspire your next pair of gym shoes:

Reese Witherspoon: Asics

Reese has been spotted wearing a colorful pair of Asics during her morning workout routine. On one occasion, the Oscar winner’s shoes featured gray canvas with neon orange laces and hot pink soles. Her love for pink came out in another spotting where she wore hot pink Asics with neon yellow laces and padding.

On occasion, the Sweet Home Alabama star has been seen in a pair of black Asics Gel-Kayano 22 running shoes, made vibrant with a sea foam green logo and aqua colored laces. In other photos, she’s rocked purple shoes with coral laces and green on the soles. No matter the picture, though, she’s always sporting Asics.

Amber Rose: Nike

Amber likes the Air Pegasus series from Nike, and the brighter the colors, the better. She’s posted photos heading to the gym on Instagram, sporting blinding pink shoes with neon yellow soles.

Jennifer Lopez: Nike

Jennifer Lopez has been spotted jogging in a pair of florescent orange Nike sneakers. The color of an orange creamsicle, the color looks particularly bright when compared with the stark white sole and an all-black outfit.

Ashley Green: New Balance

This Twilight actress is well-known for her sculpted muscles and spending hours in the gym. She likes to light up her workouts with bold, purple New Balance shoes. She punctuates the boldness of the shoe with geometric patterned leggings and brightly colored tank tops.

Jennifer Anniston: Nike

This timeless actress was seen walking to the gym in a black tank top and cut-off leggings, which provided the perfect contrast for her neon, sea foam green Nikes. These babies could easily be seen in the dark.

Taylor Swift: Nike

Nike seems to be a popular option…and the brighter the shoe, the more that celebrities seem to love them. This long-legged superstar spends a lot of time at the gym to maintain her figure, and she prefers to do it in bright, coral-colored Nike trainers.

Miley Cyrus: Nike

This former Disney star, who has just landed a seat as a judge on The Voice, maintains her perfect figure in a pair of Nike Lunarglide+ 4s. She rocks a gray canvas shoe with vivid coral laces and soles. She likes to pair them with even brighter colored socks to complete the look. Miley has been seen wearing these sneakers countless times, inside and outside the gym, or even while walking her dog.

Hilary Duff: Nike

It’s been awhile since we heard about Hilary, but her style is still on point. Her workout shoe of choice is a pair of Nike Dual Fusion TR trainers, which are almost cartoonish in appearance. They feature a neon orange and red patterned canvas with bright blue laces.

Which shoe on this list would you pick?