Christopher Nolan Might Shoot The Entire “Dark Knight Rises” In IMAX »

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When Christopher Nolan made the announcement that The Dark Knight Rises would not be in 3D, fanboys and cinephiles alike, breathed a sign of relief. Nolan went on to justify the decision to studio heads by claiming, “he was looking to do something technologically that’s never been done before”. In our present time with technology ever so rapidly advancing, it is hard to even think of what challenges haven’t yet been met. Now according to the Collider, a trusted source stated that Nolan is actually thinking of shooting the entire movie in IMAX.

Nolan has already flirted with the format by shooting portions of The Dark Knight in IMAX such as the opening heist and the Batmobile/Bat-pod chase. But shooting an entire film in IMAX may be extremely problematic since the cameras have particular drawbacks: They are loud and make it difficult to record dialogue and they are also extremely heavy, making maneuverability difficult. So the only way Nolan could possibly shoot the entire film in IMAX, is if someone devised a new camera that is quiet and portable. And according to the sources at the Collider, that is exactly what they may have done.

Keep in mind this is a rumour. It was also reported that Nolan originally wanted to film all of Inception in IMAX but they never did. Here is what the source had to say:

“I’m hearing that Nolan will try and shoot The Dark Knight Rises totally in IMAX. I’ve heard that IMAX has been quietly developing a smaller, less intrusive camera that will be able to handle dialogue scenes. If the camera is finished in time, expect Nolan to use it.”

In the video below, Cinematographer Wally Pfister talks about the problems with working with the old IMAX camera on The Dark Knight and discusses that one of the reasons Nolan isn’t shooting The Dark Knight Rises in 3D, is because the new IMAX camera isn’t 3D capable.

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