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Cyborg #7 summons ghosts of Victor’s pasts

Cyborg #7 summons ghosts of Victor’s pasts


Cyborg #7
Written by: David F. Walker
Pencils by: Claude St. Aubin
Inks by: Andy Owens
Colors by: Adriano Lucas
Letters by: Rob Leigh
Publisher: DC Comics

Victor Stone has been forever changed after his first arc featuring the all out war with the Technosapiens and Tekbreakers. In the start of the next storyline, the fallout of the Battlefield Detroit is immediately felt once the government steps in to observe and take over S.T.A.R. Labs.

Victor is meanwhile having a more personal crisis and stretches the term “having mommy issues.” Throughout the entire New 52, Cyborg has battled with deciding what part of him is in control…the man or machine. David Walker brings this question to the forefront with the introduction of Senator Champlin and other officials to observe what exactly happened at “Ground Zero” for the invasion. In all senses this was Cyborg’s victory, but in typical military fashion, they go above and beyond to make sure an event like this never happens again. In the meantime, Cyborg needs answers to his own evolutionary methods after everything that’s happened in the past six issues, and the search gives us more questions and reveals secrets about events that date back to the beginning issues of Geoff Johns’ Justice League.

This issue is definitely more emotional and works as a thriller in its own right because of the reliance of Victor’s past, and his current struggle of deciding if he’s still holding onto his humanity.David Walker ties together some supporting characters from previous issues, and it works because of the government’s attempt to round up illegal technology…and the people they’re attached to. On the art side, the combined efforts of Claude St. Aubin, Andy Owens, and  Adriano Lucas use a style that makes up for the lack of action in this more dialogue and story focused issue. The art in some spots is similar to Kev Walker and his work on Avengers and sells scenes with people just arguing with  stories that fill in various blanks in Victor’s past.

With the beginning of a new arc, new themes to explore, and new plots with a brand new enemy that Cyborg can’t punch his way through, Cyborg #7 is a slow building start to what’s sure to be another great storyline.