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Damian: Son of Batman is An Utter Failure

Damian: Son of Batman is An Utter Failure


Damian: Son of Batman
Writer: Andy Kubert
Art: Andy Kubert
Publisher: DC Comics

There’s a moment in Damian: Son of Batman #1 where our titular hero, the son of Bruce himself, let’s out a groan inducing ‘Holy Crap’. This weak moment in writing, one of many, not only sets the character back 5 years, but is also so uncharacteristic of Damian that one wonders if series writer, and co-creator of the character,  Andy Kubert  has actually read anything that features his creation.

This mini-series, written and drawn by Kubert , serves as a sort-of ‘What If?’ tale. What if Batman had died and Damian took the mantle? Oh the possibilities. The problem with this tale is its illogical ignorance towards anything that happened to Damian after the new 52. This is still the outdated and underdeveloped Damian of yesteryear.  While Kubert has admitted the story had been written years ago, one wonders why he would not update his story to fit with the current chronology, or current tastes for that matter. The oversight would be forgivable if Kubert were a talented writer, unfortunately Kubert’s writing style is extremely antiquated and down-right hokey. Readers are being promised a new and exciting tale featuring their favourite Robin, instead readers get a comic akin to the worst of the nineties– a book that’s poorly written and filled with huge biceps.

The art, while sometimes gorgeous, is completely inconsistent. Fans of Kubert’s style may find some of the splash pages enjoyable, but the story lacks any weight to carry the pictures. There are also moments where Damian looks so unbelievably not-like-Damian that you start to wonder what book you are reading. Seriously, how does Damian get more ripped than the hulk?!

Some readers took the death of Damian very seriously and have been waiting patiently for his inevitable return. Unfortunately those readers will need to keep waiting as Damian: Son of Batman #1 does not do the character, or anyone else, justice.


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