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‘One Late Night’ might make you rethink working the late shift

‘One Late Night’ might make you rethink working the late shift


One Late Night
Black Curtain Studio

Late nights. We’ve all had them. Working long after the rest of the world has gone to sleep. Rushing to finish a project before the deadline. But are you really alone at your desk? One Late Night would like to remind you that the answer is no.

This brief game locks players in your typical office building, where they start off as an average graphic designer who wants nothing more than a fresh a cup of joe. The first sign of trouble is the message “I see you…” on the protagonist’s computer screen, followed by an eerie phone call.

one late night 3

Players also discover that a co-worker named Robert has mysteriously vanished. As players wander through the offices, they discover that Robert may not simply be playing hooky. Once Robert’s office is unlocked, a number of disturbing items are discovered, including a message on the white board and a Ouija board on the desk. It is up to the player to find out who “She” is, and escape before it’s too late. Explore the offices carefully, for the Widow roams the halls. If you wish to avoid capture be sure to hide under desks or tables. A cozy corner will also suffice.

one late night 4

One Late Night has quite a few things in its scare bag that work to its advantage. The first is that players can definitely relate to this scenario because the protagonist isn’t lost in the woods or in a strange mansion. They are trapped in their work place. Secondly, you are forced to move slowly through the building, which gets your heart pumping even more. It’s agonizing to sit at your desk and hide away from danger. In addition, One Late Night ramps up the horror factor by creating a claustrophobic atmosphere. There is nowhere to run. You are trapped in a box until you find the key to freedom. Finally, there are two possible endings. One for those who use the flashlight provided to them as a weapon, and one for those who turn tail and flee.

one late night 2

My only complaints are that you can’t crouch, and that the Widow has no animation. She just sort of glides toward you like a mannequin on a skateboard (okay I admit that would be pretty creepy as well). But they put so much effort into the design, which is amazing for a fifteen minute game by the way, a little motion from the Widow would have really gone the extra mile.

One Late Night is a worthy entry into the horror genre. Though short, Black Curtain Studio made sure One Late Night would leave a lasting impression.

Now then, would you look at that. I do believe the clock says the work day is done. I’d better head out. I wouldn’t want to stay late, because, you know, reasons.

Happy playing! And remember, the light is your friend.