Depp and Dark Shadows Remake

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dark_shadows_cast_largeJohnny Depp has high hopes for putting a notch in the current vampire-trend bedpost. His lifelong dream of playing Barnabus Collins, the leading vamp in Dark Shadows, is just on the horizon of coming true. As soon as Tim Burton’s take of Alice in Wonderland is on the screens, he will be pursuing the remake of Dark Shadows, according to

The show is a cult favorite, running in the late 60’s for about four years, about vampires, ghosts and monsters. According to Depp’s interview with the LA Times, “It had the weirdest vibe to it. I’m sort of intrigued about that vibe.” He also spoke about the recent influx of vampire movies: “It’s like any great fable or fairytale, it’s got a power to it… There’s something symbolic about it that touches people in different ways.”

Depp officially owns the rights to the Dark Shadows remake; his production company Infinitum-Nihi bought them years ago. If all goes the way Depp and Burton seem to want it to, due to their honest enthusiasm towards this new vampire flick, the film could be something to look forward to in early 2011, though no real dates have been released.

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