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Director of ‘Dogtooth’ Reveals Details on his Newest Film

Sound On Sight has championed the twisted and weird Best Foreign Film nominee Dogtooth for about two years now, and in fact we recently reviewed it again on our newly launched video-cast titled Front Row Center. So it’s no secret that we are fans and are highly anticipating the director’s next film. Well Yorgos Lanthimos took some time recently to speak to 24 Frames about his next project titled Alps —which, surprisingly, is already completed, and according to the Greek director is “darker and funnier, going to each extreme a little bit more”. Dogtooth actress Aggeliki Papoulia returns to star in Alps, a story about “a group of people who agree to stand in for the lost loved ones of others, replicating their behaviour and gestures, ostensibly to help with grieving.”

The Playlist added to the story in quoting an interview they conducted with Lanthimos last year, in which he said, “Well, it’s quite a different story really. It’s mainly about death and substitution in a way. If you can substitute people that have died with other people and how difficult that can be. It involves the stories of many people, and I guess it has similarities with Dogtooth in its tone, because it’s quite dark as well, but is also funny and violent. It’s contradictory, like Dogtooth is.”

Lanthimos is editing Alps now and hopes to have it ready in time for this year’s edition of the Cannes film festival, where Dogtooth was the winner of the Prix Un Certain Regard