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Doctor Who Ally Profile: Astrid Peth

Doctor Who Ally Profile: Astrid Peth

Kylie Minogue as Doctor Who ally Astrid Peth

Astrid Peth

Portrayed by: Kylie Minogue

Doctor: Tenth Doctor

Story: “Voyage of the Damned” (Dec, 2007)

Background: Astrid is a woman from the planet Sto who took a job as a waitress aboard the starliner the Titanic so she could see the universe. Little is known of her life before this, other than that she was bored with it and wanted to expand her horizons.

Family/Friends: We know very little about Astrid’s family back home and she seems rather friendless aboard the Titanic, feeling excluded by the rest of the wait staff. The Doctor, however, takes a liking to her immediately and had she survived her story, she would have undoubtedly traveled with him in the TARDIS for quite a while.

Personality: Astrid is curious, brave, and above all, incredibly sweet. Despite being rather shy, she quickly starts to come out of her shell after meeting the Doctor. There’s a sense that Astrid’s life has started to pass her by and she certainly fears this, leading her to jump at the opportunity to explore Earth, however briefly. Her good heart and courageous sacrifice have a profound effect on the Doctor, who is coming fresh off the loss of the Master and Martha’s decision to leave the TARDIS.

Special Skills: Enthusiasm, kind heart, ability to operate heavy machinery

Highlights: Her wonder at a deserted (other than Wilf) London street, her admittedly cheesy goodbye, and her dynamic with the Doctor, as well as Bannakaffalatta.

Lowlights: Astrid isn’t the most compelling of allies, though she has a sweetness that is refreshing and a welcome contrast to the rest of her modern Who counterparts, who tend more toward sass or snark

Memorable quotes: “It’s a different planet; I’m standing on a different planet. The-there’s concrete, and shops, real alien shops! Real alien shops. Look, no stars in the sky. And it smells. It STINKS! This is amazing!”  “Voyage of the Damned”

Other notes: This is not the first ally of the Doctor to be named Astrid. In The Enemy of the World, the Second Doctor teams up with Astrid Ferrier, played by Mary Peach. However, she was a far more action-oriented character, flying helicopters, beating up baddies, and generally being a bit more kickass.