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Doctor Who Ally Profile: Pete Tyler

Doctor Who Ally Profile: Pete Tyler

Shaun Dingwall as Doctor Who ally Pete Tyler

Pete Tyler

Portrayed by: Shaun Dingwall

Doctor(s): Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor

Story: 3 stories (4 episodes): “Father’s Day” (May, 2005), “Rise of the Cybermen”/“The Age of Steel” (May, 2006), “Doomsday” (July, 2006)

Background: Pete is one of only a handful of characters on Doctor Who that audiences meet in separate dimensions, including Companions Liz Shaw, the Brig, Mickey Smith, and ally Jackie Tyler (though we only meet her doppelganger very briefly). First introduced as Rose’s father who’d died when she was a baby, a bit of a dreamer and get-rich-quick schemer who, though his heart was in the right place, wasn’t the best husband, the Pete we spend more time with is an incarnation from an Alternate Dimension, affectionately called “Pete’s World” by the Doctor. This version found success with one of his early schemes and is a well-respected, incredibly wealthy executive and inventor. In this timeline, though he and Jackie married, they never had any children, leading to somewhat strained interactions with Rose when he realizes their connection. It turns out that Pete is working under deep cover within the company manufacturing Cybermen in an attempt to bring them down. He teams up with the Doctor, Mickey, and Rose, eventually forming close ties with Rose and marrying Jackie.

Family/Friends: Rose’s Pete is a husband to Jackie (they married young) and father to Rose, but he dies when Rose is still a baby and this loss shapes both of their lives tremendously. Pete’s World Pete is recently divorced from a rather heightened, brittle Pete’s World Jackie. After she dies at the hands of the Cybermen, he grudgingly teams up with Rose, though he doesn’t acknowledge any relationship between them. Eventually, Rose and Jackie end up in Pete’s World and build a new, presumably very emotionally complicated family. Jackie and Pete’s World Pete eventually marry and have a son, Tony.

Personality: Pete is rather hapless, but kind-hearted. He’s somewhat lazy and while he’s creative, he lacks ambition and follow-through. Pete’s World Pete is a matured version of this character, shaped by success and years of wealth. While at first he seems rather materialistic, it’s revealed that he’s a highly moral, incredibly brave individual willing to risk his life to protect his fellow man.

Special Skills: Gravitas, technological familiarity, bravery, secrecy, will power

Highlights: Pretty much all of “Father’s Day”, his struggle to process Rose (in Pete’s World), his interactions with Jackie

Lowlights: He seems to pop up at rather convenient times, acting more as a function of the plot than a character

Memorable quotes:

– [to Rose, re: the Doctor] “So, if this Doctor’s not you boyfriend, and I have to say, I’m glad, ’cause, you know, being your dad and all, I think he’s a bit old for you.”  “Father’s Day”

– “I thought I was broadcasting to the security services. What do I get? Scooby Doo and his gang. They’ve even got the van.”  “The Age of Steel”