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DVD Shelf Library

DVD Shelf Library

One of our recurring segments on The Televerse is The DVD Shelf, where guests come on to talk with us about one of their favorite series no longer on the air. Here is a library of the DVD Shelfs and guest segments we’ve done so far so listeners can catch up with our back catalog. Enjoy!

30 Rock with Jennifer Armstrong
Alias with Emma Fraser
Angel with David Bax
Awake with Sean Ingram
Babylon 5 with Rowan Kaiser
Batman: the Animated Series with Gabe Bucsko
Battlestar Galactica (2003) with Josh Spiegel
Ben and Kate with Deepayan Sengupta
Better Off Ted with Josh Spiegel
Blackadder with Les Chappell
Bored to Death with Scott Meslow
Brass Eye with Derek Gladu
Buffy the Vampire Slayer with David Bax
Bunheads with Erik Adams
Caprica with Chris Piers
Carlos with Sean Colletti
Charlie Jade with Steph Smith
Charmed with Whitney McIntosh
Cheers with David Bax
Chuck with Shawn Keown
Columbo with Emily L. Stephens
Coupling (UK) with Erik Bondourant
Cowboy Bebop with Chris Piers
Crime Story with Paul Goebel
Dark Shadows with Will McKinley
Dead Like Me with Amrie Cunningham
Deadwood with David Bax and Sean Ingram
Dollhouse with Kate Rennebohm
Enlisted with Les Chappell
F Troop with Michael Price
Family Tree with Sean Colletti
Fawlty Towers with Michael Rice
Felicity with Sarah D. Bunting
Firefly with Justine Smith
First Person (Make-You-Watch-athon 2)
Fishing with John
with Tyler Smith
FLCL with Noel Kirkpatrick
Freakazoid with Kyle Anderson
Freaks and Geeks with Corey Atad
Friday Night Lights with Stephanie Smith
Friends with Sarah Dowdey and Deblina Chakraborty
Fringe with Noel Murray
Frisky Dingo (Make-You-Watch-athon 3)
Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace with Corey Atad
Get Smart with Josh Long
Ghost in the Shell SAC with Simon Aplin
Gilmore Girls with Whitney McIntosh
Good Eats with Noel Kirkpatrick
Gossip Girl
 with David Bax
Homicide: Life on the Streets with Dan Heaton
House with Amanda Williams
Insomniac with Dave Attell with Matt Singer
Invader Zim with Zack Handlen
Jim Henson’s The Storyteller with Robert K. Elder
Joan of Arcadia with Jim Bruce
Justified with Kate Rennebohm
Life as we Know It with LaToya Ferguson
Life Unexpected with Jason Griffin
Lost with Mo Ryan
Luck with Ty Landis
M*A*S*H with Dan Toland
Men of a Certain Age with Mike Royce
Millennium with Robert K. Elder
My So-Called Life with Ricky D
Nathan Barley with Chris Gore
Nero Wolfe with Tyler Smith
NewsRadio with Paul Goebel
NYPD Blue with Ellen Gray
On Death Row (Make-You-Watch-athon 2)
Over the Garden Wall
with Noel Kirkpatrick
Parade’s End with Kate Rennebohm
Party Down with Vikram Murthi
Pushing Daisies with Michael Ryan
Quantum Leap with Rich Smith
Queer as Folk (UK) with Ricky D
Robotech with Tom Griffin
Rome with Gabe Bucsko
Rubicon with Les Chappell
Samurai Jack (Make-You-Watch-athon 3)
SCTV with Pat Healy
Seinfeld with Jennifer Armstrong
Slings and Arrows with Todd VanDerWerff
Six Feet Under with Mike Worby
Spaced with Craig Bevan
Spartacus with Ryan McGee
Sports Night with Dan Heaton
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine with Jeff Barrus
Star Trek: the Next Generation with Eric Mendoza
Star Trek: the Original Series with Paul Goebel
Star Trek: Voyager
with Caroline Siede
Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 1 (Duel, Salem’s Lot)
Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 2 (IT, Storm of the Century)
Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 3 (Trilogy of Terror, Carrie– 2002)
Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 4 (Riget)
Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 5 (The Initiation of Sarah, Are You In the House Alone)
Steve Prokopy’s Horror Picks 6 (Dark Night of the Scarecrow, The Night Stalker)
Survivors (2008) with Kyle Nolan
Taxi with Les Chappell
Terriers with Alyssa Boehm
That Mitchell and Webb Look with Alasdair Wilkins
The Amazing Screw-On Head (Make-You-Watch-athon 3)
The Ben Stiller Show with Eric Goldman
The Chicago Code with Deepayan Sengupta
The Critic with Tyler Smith
The Dick Van Dyke Show with Sarah Rodman
The Golden Girls with Greg Ashman
The Goode Family with Deepayan Sengupta
The IT Crowd with Jason Griffin
The Larry Sanders Show with Sean Ingram
The League of Gentlemen with Cath Murphy
The Mary Tyler Moore Show with Sarah Rodman
The Middleman with Alyssa Boehm
The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency (Make-You-Watch-athon 2)
The Newsroom (CA) with Jesse Singer
The Office (UK) with Scott Meslow
The Outer Limits with Bill Mesce
The Phil Silvers Show (aka Sgt. Bilko) with Michael Price
The Prisoner with Zack Handlen
The Sopranos with Sarah D. Bunting
The Tick (1994) with Tyler Smith
The Tripods with Steven Schapansky
The Twilight Zone with Scott Meslow
The West Wing with Caroline Siede
The Wire (part 1) with Dennis Perkins
The Wire (part 2) with Dennis Perkins
The X-Files with Todd VanDerWerff
Todd McFarlane’s Spawn with Mike Worby
Twin Peaks with Lindsay Wood
Veronica Mars with Dan Heaton
Wonderfalls with Dan Toland
Xena: Warrior Princess with Ro Karen

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Season spotlights:
(Segments recorded while these shows were still airing)

30 for 30 Season 1 (Make-You-Watch-athon 1)
Arrested Development Season 4 with Josh Spiegel
Better Call Saul Season 1 with Vikram Murthi
Breaking Bad Season 4 with Ricky D
Breaking Bad Season 5 with Ricky D
Breaking Bad Season 5.5 with Ricky D
Daredevil Season 1 with Kyle Anderson
Doctor Who Ninth, Tenth, and Eleventh Doctor Sampler (Make-You-Watch-athon 1)
Girls Season 1 with Adam Kempenaar and Justine Smith
Girls Season 2 with Justine Smith
Girls Season 3 with Ricky D
Hannibal Season 1 with Ricky D
Homeland Season 2
House of Cards Season 1
Jane the Virgin Season 1 with Elena Rivera
Justified Season 3 with Alyssa Rosenberg
Justified Season 4 with Dan Forcella
Les Revenants Season 1 and Zombies on TV with David Bax
Louie Season 3 with Josh Spiegel
Mad Men Season 5 with Adam Farrington-Williams
Mad Men Season 7 with Libby Hill
Orange is the New Black Season 1 with Ryan McGee
Orphan Black Season 1 with Liane Bonin Starr
Strike Back: Shadow Warfare with Myles McNutt
Survivor: Samoa with Tyler Smith
The Americans Season 1 with Randy Dankievitch
The Americans Season 3 with Matt Brennan
The Good Wife Season 3
The Good Wife Season 5 with Sonia Saraiya and Noel Kirkpatrick
Treme Season 3 with Dave Walker
Treme Season 4 with Dave Walker


Special guest segments: 

2013’s Rise of B-Movie TV with Mo Ryan (Orphan Black s1, Rectify s1, The Fall s1, Top of the Lake s1)
2014’s Freshman Comedies with Ryan McGee
2014’s Live-Action Superhero Adaptations with Sonia Saraiya (ArrowConstantine, GothamThe Flash)
2014’s New Representations of Sexuality with Mo Ryan (Outlander s1.0, Transparent s1)
Holiday Omnibus 1 with Deepayan Sengupta (Christmas: Chuck, SupernaturalMoral Orel)

Informed Opinions:

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Chemistry and Chemists on TV
Dance and Teen Dancers on TV
Educational Children’s TV
Fans and Fandom on TV
Forensic Science on TV
Medicine and Doctors on TV
Physical Disabilities on TV
Science and Scientific Research on TV
The Law and Lawyers on TV


Interview with Bill Persky
Interview with Brian Reitzell (focus on Hannibal s3)
Interview with Chris Gore
Interview with Kevin Chapman
Interview with Michael Price
Interview with Mike Royce (preview of Enlisted)
Interview with cast of Rectify: Abigail Spencer, Aden Young, and J. Smith-Cameron (preview of s3)

SDCC 2014:

Hannibal Pressroom Interviews: Bryan Fuller, Steven Lightfoot, Martha DiLaurentiis and David Slade, Caroline Dhavernas, Raul Esparza, Scott Thompson and Aaron Abrams
Interview with Brian Reitzell