Dwayne Johnson announces he’ll be playing Black Adam in ‘Shazam’

Dwayne Johnson

With the top two highest grossing films of 2014 both currently comic book adaptations, the genre continues to thrive. While Marvel comics has enjoyed commercial success in the current boom, their traditional rival DC comics has similarly made their mark with movies such as Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. With Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice slated as the company’s next major release, the studio is already looking ahead in an attempt to bring other characters to the big screen. One such upcoming feature is Shazam, the story of a boy whose interactions with a wizard allow him to turn into an adult superhero. While previous reports had Dwayne Johnson circling the film, his discussions on the topic had left it unclear whether he’d be playing the titular superhero or his longtime adversary Black Adam. Now, however, Johnson has confirmed via his twitter account that he will be taking on the latter role, calling Black Adam “The AntiHero”, in a potential hint at his character arc. Not much else is known about the film besides Johnson’s casting, and that writer Geoff Johns is credited in the film, with the screenplay coming from first-time writer Bill Birch. Johnson himself was last seen in this year’s Hercules, and will be appearing onscreen again in next year’s Fast & Furious 7.


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