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E3 2015: ‘Shenmue 3’ Kickstarter live now

E3 2015: ‘Shenmue 3’ Kickstarter live now


This E3 was all about dream projects finally coming to life. One of biggest one of those has to be Shenmue 3 and now it is finally possible. Sony announced at their E3 2015 press conference that Shenmue 3 was going to be hitting Kickstarter and it is now in the fans hands to make it happen.

The Kickstarter mentions that the project is possibly coming to PC and Playstation 4 and is the true sequel to Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2. According to the Kickstarter,

Where we left off… Ryo Hazuki has made his way to China in search of his father’s killer. There he meets a new travelling companion, Shenhua, and learns of a legend from her village that has foretold their path together. The story continues as Ryo and Shenhua start off on a new journey that will take them farther into enemy territory, deeper into mystery, and ever closer to their destiny. Will the mystery of the mirrors be revealed? How is Ryo’s father connected to all of this? Will Ryo track down the Chi You Men cartel and face Lan Di in a final showdown?

Shenmue 2 was released 14 years ago and fans have been clamoring for a continuation to the epic story. Originally released on Dreamcast, Shenmue was the biggest video game of all-time, but its success failed to match the budget. A sequel was released was release in North America on Xbox due to exclusivity and the story has always remained unfinished. Now fans finally have their chance to continue the story and see Shenmue 3 finally released.


Shenmue 3 will be released for PC and Playstation 4 should it meet its Kickstarter goal.