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Easter Bunny Kill Kill!

“a world where hookers, pedophiles and violent-murderous creeps are all second fiddle to a killer Easter Bunny”

Easter Bunny Kill! Kill!

Directed by Chad Ferrin

Leaving your mentally challenged children at home has never been more dangerous.  Around every corner lies creepo-freak-a-zoids willing to trade your body for coke just to get a little taste.  But that’s not the worse of it, if they don’t get you murderous Easter Bunnies will…or the paid Hispanic help which always seem to be trying to rob you.  Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! (which bares no resemblance to the film of which the title suggests) is a raunchy dark splotch of a movie on a piece of blank paper. Its low budget DIY attitude and valiant steps in creating utterly gutterly reactions make it a fun watch while not becoming too much of an homage or a hostile attempt. The story, a night of terror in which a mentally handicapped boy is trapped in a world where hookers, pedophiles and violent-murderous creeps are all second fiddle to a killer Easter Bunny who’s taking out the trash.

Filmed in sleek HD video and supported by a simplistic yet effective score, Easter Bunny Kill Kill stands out from the rest of the straight to DVD over the top amateur horror jargon.  With a sense of dark humor (which isn’t entirely being forced upon us) Easter Bunny manages to both crack a few jokes and blast the screen with guts, without feeling too cheap or amateurish.  These films are best when they work against their obvious setbacks.  With little to no talent involved in neither their cast nor the proper funding to fully explore their ideas, Bunny truly makes the best of what it’s got.  At times the film comes off a bit too clique but that’s what’s so great about the DIY cheap horror film.  Anyone with a little bit of guts can go out and do it, inspirational no? It’s just rare that these films end up being worth watching outside of the local circle in which they were spawned.  Get this, I don’t really find dudes in Easter bunny masks scary. Masks in general aren’t scary. I mean Michael Myers was scary but in a I’m 6’10 kinda way.  Dudes in bunny masks just make me think of stuffed animals, potpourri and Sesame Street and I never liked Sesame Street.  Probably because I was never was able to associate with the neighborhoodly feel it went for.  It’s just that in my hood I wasn’t surrounded by talking stuffed nightmares being fisted by some dude with a beard and a wild sense of imagination trying to trick me into learning something.

What Chad Ferrin has here is an honest addition to an oversaturated b grade genre.  This movie isn’t gonna thrill you but if you’re considering watching it then it’s probably worth it.  I mean anyone who is “considering” watching a movie with a name like Easter Bunny Kill Kill is probably in it for the right reasons. The good things in this movie are for you (creepo) the bad things are for the people who shouldn’t have watched it in the first place.

-Detroit Burns