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Inside Out Film Fest 2010: Part Three

Lesbians are funny and they can laugh at themselves. This was certainly proven by the short film program entitled “Funny Girls”. The films were clearly written and created for the overwhelmingly female audience in mind, some with more success than others. While none were explicitly bad, there were definitely standouts and films that drew more laughter than others.  Out of ten films, the better ones were “U-Haul Rap Video”, “Butthole Lickin’”, “Door Prize”, “Fresh Air Therapy” and “Cried Suicide”.

“U-Haul Rap Video” is a hilarious look at lesbian relationships and moving in together as told through a gansta rap video. “Butthole Lickin’” is a look at lesbian relationships that could just as easily be a problem in any other relationship which is what makes it so true. “Door Prize” features Beth Grant. who I was half expecting to yell “Sometimes, I doubt your commitment to Sparkle Motion!” at the unsuspecting lesbian that she meets in line to the bathrooms at a restaurant. The two have great chemistry that shows even in the under-10 minutes film and their unexpected bonding over a romance novelist is very fun to watch. “Fresh Air Therapy” is a German film about a lesbian couple during a session of couples therapy. The film is full of dry wit and although the final outcome is not entirely unpredictable, the way the film gets there is hilarious nonetheless. Finally “Cried Suicide” is a Funny Or Die short film about a woman who fakes a suicide attempt and her friends’ reactions. Featuring a number of familiar faces from stand-up comedy and film such as Sarah Burns, who had a hilarious turn in last year’s I Love You, Man. It’s not surprising that a film that is full of stand up comedians and is a product of certainly the funniest comedy film website, Funny or Die, would be as hilarious as this one is. Also a great way to end the whole set.

– Laura Holtebrinck