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Essential Accessories for Your Next-Gen Console

Essential Accessories for Your Next-Gen Console


So your Xbox One or PS4 is hooked up to your TV in all its HD glory, but you feel like something is still missing. That’s probably because you haven’t purchased all those fancy accessories to complete your beautiful system’s wardrobe. Lucky for you we have a list of all the necessary bells and whistles to make your next-gen gaming experience perfect.

1)  Micro-USB Charging Cable / Microsoft Play and Charge Kit

Unless you’re playing on a 15-inch TV, you’re going to find that the 4 ft. micro-USB cable included with your PS4 system isn’t exactly ideal to both charge your controller and play with at the same time. Luckily the PS4 controller can use any micro USB cable, and buying a replacement is easy. While shopping you’ll find online retailers like Amazon usually have cheaper prices, as micro-USB cables can be somewhat expensive in-store. Simply search for ’10 ft micro-USB charging cable,’ and you should be able to find something for a reasonable $5-10.

Likewise, with Microsoft’s decision to once again use AA batteries as the Xbox controller’s source of power, you might want to purchase a rechargeable alternative. The Microsoft Play and Charge Kit’s rechargeable battery and micro-USB cable is a smart and convenient choice.

2)  Astro Headset

If you aren’t fond of the cheap headsets typically included with consoles, third-party headsets are a good item to spend your money on. Turtle Beach has once again released a slew of cheaper gaming headsets, but if you have extra cash lying around and want better quality, the Astro line is the way to go. With three models to choose from for both the PS4 and Xbox One, an Astro headset is a good buy if you want both great sound and quality materials. $199-299

3)  PS+ / Xbox Live Card

Of course now that you have an excellent headset, you’ll want to be able to play with your friends online. In order to play games online, both the Xbox One and PS4 require an online subscription. A 1 year PlayStation Plus card will cost $50, while the 3 month subscription will go for $17.99. With the Xbox One you’ll pay a little more, with a 12 month subscription at $60 and a 3 month subscription at $25.


4)  Gameplay Capture Kit

Now that the Xbox One supports capture kits and the PS4 eventually will too, a gameplay capture device is the perfect buy to expand your online gaming territory and show the world how great of a gamer you are. Two great capture devices are the HD PVR 2 by Hauppauge, and the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. You can scoop up both for $150 each.

Now that you have some ideas, you can go out and buy all the bling your new console requires. Or if you’re low on funds, why not add them to your Holiday list? It’ll means you’ll finally have to go to that dinner your great aunt has every year, but dealing with her cats for an hour in exchange for gaming goodness would totally be worth it, right?