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Fall 2013 Network TV Preview: New Procedural Mad Libs

Fall 2013 Network TV Preview: New Procedural Mad Libs

Ironside promo poster

Though heightened, serialized dramas make up the bulk of the new hour-longs this fall, there are still plenty of procedurals headed our way, both over the next few weeks and at midseason. Some are more successful than others, with the better ones demonstrating some self-awareness and a sense of humor about themselves, but most of the upcoming batch eschew the until-recently popular Bones/Castle dynamic in favor of a more anti-hero inspired approach.  Several of the serialized dramas feature male lead and supporting characters who could easily, by the end of the season, fit that description as well (Hostages, anyone?). It’s not uncommon for TV to trend in this way, and it’s likely at least one of the new shows this year will either find success with this model or drop it quickly, opting for a more interesting and unique approach. For now, though, in honor of the new fall season, and in lieu of lengthy individual posts for The Blacklist, Ironside, Dracula, Almost Human, and any number of midseason replacements, here’s a quick round of Network Procedural Mad Libs:

    <Name of Series>     stars     <charismatic, recognizable actor>     as     <name of lead>    , a tough, no-nonsense     <profession>     who doesn’t play by the rules. His boss,     <name of minority/female character>    , may condemn his unorthodox (read: illegal) methods, but it can’t be denied-     <lead>     gets results. His gruff exterior masks a sensitive soul, damaged by     <traumatic past experience>    . Though he lashes out at authority,     <female lead/love interest>     can see through his posturing to the brilliant, tortured man inside, a man who, if she can only heal him, has the potential to be great. Though     <lead>     is troubled, his     <traumatic past experience>     gives him special insight into     <area of expertise>     and the plight of fellow sufferers, making him the perfect man for the job, if his     <personal demon>     doesn’t bring him down first. With each pulse-pounding episode,     <lead>     will be pushed further to the brink- can     <female lead>     bring him back from the edge in time? Tune in to find out!

Build your own Network Procedural in the comments below!

Kate Kulzick